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June 28, 2017 - My Thermotex

Restoring Quality of Life After Injury

Mike Bates is an avid researcher with a degree in microbiology and a history of working in the pharmaceutical industry. Mike is also incredibly active, and his quality of life is built around his ability to participate in well-loved sports and outdoor activities like hockey, skiing and hiking.

Injury and Chronic Pain

When a major sport injury threw his life off kilter, Mike explored any option that might allow him to hold on tight to his love for the game.

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June 16, 2017 - Thermo Talk

Thriving Through Arthritis: Viv’s story

Q: How long had you been suffering for prior to finding Thermotex?
I have had joint pain since I was 18 years old. From a young age, my pain controlled my life: I couldn’t go to a mall to shop, I couldn’t enjoy a walk in the park… even sleeping was difficult. When I should have been out enjoying life, I was totally limited and utterly frustrated.

Q: What sorts of treatments and supports did you seek out?

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