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November 15, 2018 - My Thermotex

A chance worth taking: How far infrared heat provided Rachel relief and hope after years of pain

Thermotex recently received a message of gratitude from Rachel, and it warms our hearts to share her experience. After suffering with intense, chronic pain for years as a result of cancer, chronic neuropathy and Scheuermann’s disease, Rachel took a chance on the Thermotex Platinum heating pad. Learn more about Rachel’s journey with pain and how Thermotex gave her hope for days ahead:

“Up until about two weeks ago, I was ready to throw in the towel on life. I’ve dealt with two different cancers over the past seven years, and I’ve been left with chronic neuropathy and muscle pain all over my body. I’ve also suffered from severe back pain for the past 20 years. After seeing many doctors and physical therapists over the years with no relief, I finally got up the nerve to see a new spine doctor.

After some testing, I learned that I have a number of other health issues: multiple disc protrusions (most of them with cord abutment), annular tears, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis and anterolisthesis. The doctor believes the root cause of these problems is a disease called Scheuermann’s, which essentially means that my spine did not develop properly when I was a teenager. Because we never caught it early and dealt with the problem when I was younger, it manifested as severe pain in my adult years – lots of back pain, tightness, stiffness and pulled muscles.

When I arrived home from work each night, I was crying myself to sleep. Nothing – conventional heat, ice, pain relievers, muscle relaxers, dry needling, acupuncture, massage, exercise, physical therapy – had worked to help alleviate my symptoms.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago.

I decided that I wanted to bring the heating pad I keep at home to work, and I told myself I wanted to buy a “good” heating pad for home. So, I started the research process, and I happened to come across infrared technology. I also saw someone else’s review of Thermotex who mentioned his heating pad had lasted for 11 years and is still going strong – not to mention the number of positive reviews and legitimate studies that were conducted with this particular product.

I always have so much hope for a new product, but I’m constantly let down by claims that never materialize. I’m sick of medications, and I don’t want to poison my body anymore, so I took a chance and ordered the Thermotex Platinum heating pad. I wanted to go with the most reputable company on the Internet, and I knew Thermotex was it (plus they had a money back guarantee, so I knew I had an insurance policy).

Firstly, I couldn’t believe the product was delivered in a day! I kept telling myself I might have relief by Friday, and I had the pad in my hands on Tuesday after ordering over a weekend! I literally ripped the box open when it came and ran upstairs to try it out. Almost immediately, I could feel the deep penetrating heat that had been described by others on the Internet, and it felt so different compared to a regular heating pad. All I knew is that it felt good (really good actually), and I laid on it for about four hours, switching it to different body parts after 30 minutes.

It took about two days of regular use, but on the third day, I woke up for the first time in I don’t know how long being able to turn my neck again. The stiffness and tightness that I had become accustomed to in my neck and mid back was greatly reduced. Even better, it’s helping my toughest pain, which is neuropathy! The skeptic in me started to wonder if it was a fluke. But, I kept using the pad more and more, and the results kept getting better.

I’ve had the heating pad in my hands for a few weeks now (I even took it with me to Canada this past weekend for a trip), and the benefits are nothing short of remarkable! It has cut my pain levels by more than 50% in such a short period of time. For the first time in a year, I haven’t taken a muscle relaxer in two weeks, and I’ve reduced my narcotic pain meds by two doses a day.

I even used the pad’s awesome straps to affix it to my back today while I baked, and it helped so much! Cooking normally puts me in tremendous pain, despite my passion for it. Now, I can make others happy again with my baked goods, which is the best feeling in the entire world. 

 I also recently visited my doctor, and he was super impressed with my progress. I went from zero flexibility in my spine, to being able to turn it in every direction except right at the doctor today — with just two weeks of using Thermotex. It helped me avoid the next step, which was spinal injections. In fact, the pain is so much better right now that I can actually complete my physio exercises and strengthen my spine. I’m hoping I can finally make progress and possibly be able to take a boxing class again in the near future.

 I honestly didn’t think this product would work this quickly — or at all — but it has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. 

 I am so, so grateful, and it is refreshing to find a company that lives up to its claims. When the pad first started working, I broke down crying because, I had thought I’d never feel relief again. I have been through so much, and it gets easy to give up hope when you try everything but nothing works.

I don’t know how to properly show my gratitude towards everyone at this company, but from the bottom my heart, THANK YOU! You have given me my life back and I have recommended this heating pad to everyone I know. Thank you for being honest and truthful with your customers and for promoting a product that truly works. You are all rock stars, and you definitely have a customer for life!”

– Rachel


To soothe her chronic neuropathy, muscle pain and back pain, Rachel used the Thermotex Platinum Far Infrared Heating Pad

The Platinum System is the most studied, popular and versatile far infrared therapeutic device in the industry. Boasting 3 patented heat inserts, the Platinum System provides targeted, safe and effective infrared heat to almost every part of the body.

Engineered to flex and wrap to relieve pain & inflammation with far infrared heat therapy; the Platinum penetrates 10x deeper to increase blood flow in large muscle groups in the body including the upper and lower back, hamstrings, abdomen and arms.