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August 30, 2017 - My Thermotex

How George Shed Osteoarthritis

Before Mike used Themotex to recover from his own injuries (See the story here) he was introduced to Thermotex through an unlikely client, George the Cat. As a microbiology grad, Mike got his start in the pharmaceutical arena, as a sale representative in veterinary medicine.

In his line of work there were many heartwarming scenarios and of course, those that truly tugged at his heartstrings. “One particular case I will never forget was George the cat.”

Mike meets George

Whether it’s a cat taken from abusive owners,

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June 28, 2017 - My Thermotex

Restoring Quality of Life After Injury

Mike Bates is an avid researcher with a degree in microbiology and a history of working in the pharmaceutical industry. Mike is also incredibly active, and his quality of life is built around his ability to participate in well-loved sports and outdoor activities like hockey, skiing and hiking.

Injury and Chronic Pain

When a major sport injury threw his life off kilter, Mike explored any option that might allow him to hold on tight to his love for the game.

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April 20, 2017 - My Thermotex

Healing Mercury Poisoning with Far Infrared: A Survivor’s Story

Wendy Docherty is in the pursuit of a rich and vibrant life. She lives an active lifestyle while appreciating the simple things. She has worked as the Executive Vice President of Thermotex with her family for the past 19 years and her work has provided a sense of purpose and fulfillment to her life; the personal stories of happy and healed customers always move and bolster her days.

As an active in giving member in her community and her life,

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