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Company Technology

What kind of technology does Thermotex use?

Thermotex products convert electricity to far infrared light waves, which are beneficial for increasing blood flow. View information on Thermotex’s far infrared heat technology here.

Is Thermotex Health Canada or FDA (United States) registered?

Yes, Thermotex personal products are registered Class II Medical Devices with Health Canada and the FDA (United States). They also have FDA 510K clearance.

What makes it different from a regular heating pad?

Regular heating pads produce conductive heat, which only heats the surface of the skin. Thermotex units produce far infrared light, which is invisible to the naked eye. It is absorbed into the body as energy in the form of heat at a depth of 2.36 inches. This results in a rising of local body temperature, which promotes increased blood flow through vasodilatation. The increased blood flow assists in the reduction of inflammation and delivers an analgesic effect, resulting in pain relief. View clinical trials and studies here.

How are the products powered?

Thermotex products use 120 volt power and plug in to a standard North American power outlet.

What are the heat inserts made of?

Thermotex products emit far infrared energy from a carbon impregnated fiberglass matt. They run on 120 volt power.

Do any products come with a timer?

No. Alternatively, you can purchase an electrical switch timer that will turn off the power to the unit at the outlet. This functionality is similar to a lamp set on an automatic switch.

How long is the electrical cord?

The electrical cord is about 8 feet long.

Why is the electrical cord so thick?

Thermotex products are manufactured to comply with the medical device electrical standard, which calls for this type of wire to be used.

What is Thermotex’s nanometer range?

Thermotex products have a frequency range of 32587 GHZ based on temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. The corresponding micrometer measurement is 9.19687 to 8.91227, and the corresponding nanometer measurement is 9196.87 to 8912.27.

What is the actual heat range?

Thermotex products do not get as hot as conventional heating pads. Additionally, there is no risk of skin dehydration or burning. Thermotex products reach temperatures between 43 and 48 degrees Celsius (108 – 116 Fahrenheit). This is the ideal temperature range to achieve the depth of penetration (2.36 inches) and optimal therapeutic benefits.

This results in a rising of local body temperature, which promotes increased blood flow through vasodilatation. The increased blood flow assists in the reduction of inflammation and delivers an analgesic effect, resulting in pain relief.

Ultimately, Thermotex products would not provide the same therapeutic benefits at hotter temperatures. View more information on Thermotex’s far infrared heat technology here, and view clinical trials and studies here.

Do the products produce radiation?

Thermotex products produce a radiant light wave located in the far infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (invisible to the naked eye). These light waves are not harmful to the body and in fact, when used in the therapeutic application produced by Thermotex products, they are beneficial to the body. View more information on Thermotex’s far infrared heat technology here, and view clinical trials and studies here.

Can Thermotex be used in an environment where oxygen is being used?

Yes, Thermotex products can be used under such conditions. All units have a non-sparking hospital electrical plug and are certified medical devices.

Do Thermotex products emit EMFs?

Thermotex products emit very low EMFs. However, when you have electricity, you have EMFs. Computers, lights and appliances all radiate EMFs. The Thermotex Platinum uses only 12 watts of power, making the electricity draw very low. A computer can draw 300 – 700 watts, with a laptop averaging around 175 watts and a microwave avering 1200 watts! Comparatively, Thermotex products are extremely low. Thermotex products are registered with Health Canada and the FDA as medical devices. The EMF emission is very low and safe for use. The benefits from far infrared outweighs the dangers of EMFs. Please continue your research and decide if this is right for you.

Warranty, Shipping and Returns

Is there a warranty included?

We stand by our exceptional products and offer a one-year warranty on all parts and labour. An extended warranty for 2+ Years (3 years total) or 4+ Years warranty (5 years total) is available for purchase on personal products, excluding the Professional unit. Please note the purchase of one extended warranty applies to one personal product only. View more information on warranties here.

What is the shipping cost?

The shipping cost will vary based on your zip code or postal code. Please contact your Thermotex dealer for more details.

Can you ship Internationally?

Thermotex products are manufactured in 120 volt and are in regulatory compliance to Canadian and United States standards only. We are not able to ship outside of North America at this time

Do you offer a money back guarantee? How do I return my product if I am not satisfied?

Thermotex offers a 30 day money back guarantee. This guarantee requires that you use your Thermotex unit as instructed for 30 days, and we must be notified of your intent to return the item within this period. If you are not satisfied after this period of time, you can return your product for an applicable refund. This does not include shipping and may include a restocking charge if your Thermotex dealer has one in effect. View more information here.

Personal Line

How do I apply the product?

It is important to know that the infrared energy radiates only from one side of the Thermotex. Place the hard side of the Thermotex heat inserts towards the body. The padded side does not heat up. The Thermotex Infrared Therapy System uses a simple on or off switch. If the surface feels too warm put a cotton towel between the body and the Thermotex. The infrared heat penetrations will still be effective.

For guidance on application overall and for specific muscle groups, view our How to Use videos:


What are the main differences between the Platinum and the Gold?

The Platinum unit has three elements, bending and flexing for application to different muscle groups. The Gold unit has one large element and does not bend or flex.

What can I expect the heat to feel like?

When your Thermotex unit is at room temperature, it will take approximately 10 minutes before you will feel the heat, and for your pad to provide infrared therapy. The Recommended treatment time is a minimum of 30-45 minutes per session. On a side note, it will take approximately 20 minutes for the infrared to penetrate to a point where it is therapeutic.

It is important to understand that the heat felt may not always feel the same. This is due to the body’s individual and varying reaction. After using Thermotex regularly, the pad may not feel as warm as it did earlier. There is nothing wrong with the Thermotex. This is expected. It is a good sign – it means the therapy is working well and pain relief is being experienced. It is also normal to feel greater heat in one area of the body than on another.

Ultimately, Thermotex products would not provide the same therapeutic benefits at hotter temperatures. View more information on Thermotex’s far infrared heat technology here, and view clinical trials and studies here.

How long should I use my Thermotex for?

It is important that the Thermotex pad be used for at least 30-45 minutes (longer if desired) on each area being treated. For the first two or three weeks we recommend Thermotex be applied twice a day (for chronic pain the pad may be used three or four times per day). After that, Thermotex use may not be needed as often but we do recommend daily use. This is particularly important for chronic and inflammatory conditions. Regular use of the Thermotex will significantly reduce levels of inflammation and lactic acid build up.

How can I keep the pad in place?

The Thermotex Platinum unit comes with a long elastic strap to hold it secure when treating your back or abdomen. There is a short strap for use on your hands, arm, leg, or feet.

Can I use my Thermotex when I’m sleeping?

When we are sleeping, our senses are impaired and we can no longer feel heat. If there were any heat build-up you would be unable to feel it. It is not recommended to sleep with any heating pad, including Thermotex products.

I have a new sprain. How soon can I use my Thermotex unit?

You can use your Thermotex unit after the original edema has passed. This is typically after 48-72 hours.

Can I use my Thermotex on bare skin?

Yes, you can use any Thermotex product on the bare skin, but we recommend using it over clothing to keep the cover clean.

Can I use Thermotex if I have artificial joints and screws? How long should I use the product on my artificial joint?

Thermotex products may be used on areas where you have artificial joints and screws. We recommend starting with shorter treatment times and gradually increasing to the recommended time of 45 minutes. By doing this you will see how your body responds. It will not hurt you or the artificial joint but you may sense a heat buildup in the area that may feel strange to you. (Most people do not notice any heat buildup around the artificial joint at all). We suggest you preheat the Thermotex Platinum (or whatever model you have) for about 10 minutes before placing on your body. For the first time, use it for about 10 minutes, gradually increasing treatment time until you reach the recommended time of 45 minutes. After each use, pay attention to how the area feels. Most people do not feel any discomfort at all but some may be more sensitive to the heat than others. By starting out with shorter treatment times, you will know what your joint can tolerate.

Can I use your product for Diabetes? I understand regular heating pads are not to be used with Diabetes.

Thermotex Personal products are registered with Health Canada and the FDA (United States) as a medical device. They use infrared energy to provide deep penetrating therapeutic heat, which relaxes the muscles and relieves pain from lactic acid buildup and inflammation. We have been manufacturing our Personal products for over 25 years, and during that time have had many clients using our products that have diabetes.

However, it is important to note that we do not have any research as to the effect our products have on diabetes and we have NOT had any negative feedback regarding this from our customers. We would recommend that you check with your healthcare provider regarding your specific condition.

Do I need to ask my Doctor before using Thermotex?

Generally, this is not necessary. Please consult a healthcare professional before using
Thermotex if you have any of the following:

  • Skin lesions
  • Chronically hot and swollen joint
  • Recent acute joint injury (Use the infrared pad alternating with ice 24-48 hours after an acute injury)
  • Using prescription drugs – Check with the physician or pharmacist if you have been prescribed a prescription drug to determine if far infrared rays can alter the efficacy and safety profile of the drug you have been administered.
  • Metal implants – Initially, use shorter treatment times on areas where there are metal implants. Gradually increase the treatment time until you reach the recommended minimum time of 30-45 minutes. If an uncomfortable heat buildup is felt during treatment, discontinue use.

NOTE: These cautionary notes are a guideline only and not intended to replace a healthcare professional’s advice. Should any negative reaction to Thermotex occur, discontinue use and consult the healthcare professional.

When should Thermotex products not be used?

Do not use Thermotex in cases of Pregnancy, Hemophilia, and Severe Adrenal Suppression*.

*Adrenal Suppression – in conditions such as Lupus, Addison’s and MS there is concern about raising the core temperature of the body to higher temperature levels such as found in a sauna. These are not temperature levels which would be typically encountered with a THERMOTEX™ pad. In people with mild to moderate symptoms, the far infrared would actually be safe and therapeutic.

Can the product be folded?

None of the heat inserts in Thermotex products are to be bent. However, the design of the Thermotex Platinum unit allows it to be wrapped or draped over the body.

Are Themotex products machine washable?

Yes. The covers are fully removable for machine washing or dry cleaning. Wash on the gentle cycle and hang to dry, or dry on delicate.

Why was the switch changed to one setting?

In 2017, Thermotex was required to comply with a new 60601 Electrical Medical Device standard. In order to reduce the risk mitigation, we looked at how to make our product even safer than it currently was by eliminating the high setting on the switch. The purpose of the high setting was provided to heat the unit up quickly. However, the therapeutic benefit has always been greater using the low setting – equivalent to the setting now with the one position switch.

Pet Line

How long is the electrical cord for your pet beds?

The electrical cord is about 9 feet long.

What unit is best-suited for my pet?

Our Large Pet Bed is designed for pets up to 24 lbs. For pets that weigh more than 24 lbs, our Large Pet Pad is ideal.

Are the covers removable for washing?

Yes, there is a velcro enclosure where the heat insert can be removed in order to wash the cover. However, we recommend covering the bed with a blanket, cotton towel or pillow case that you change or wash when required.

Can I leave my pet bed on all day on the HI setting?

It is recommended to only use the HI setting for the initial warm up of the product (first 15 minutes). The pet bed can be left on all day on LOW, and your pet will go on and off the bed as required. Animals are instinctive and know where to lay on the bed and for how long.

How will I know the far infrared heat is working?

Particularly if they are older, you will find that after about two weeks of consistent use, your pet gains agility and is more playful. Initially, you may find that your pet spends more time in the bed as well due to the great level of comfort they receive.

Equine Line

Is it normal for my horse to sweat during treatment?

Yes, every horse will sweat at first use, especially in sore areas. After approximately one week of use (30 minutes per day), sweat areas will reduce in size as soreness is relieved.

Is it normal for my horse to urinate more frequently during treatment?

Yes, When the Thermotex 12 Pad Blanket is used, far infrared heat increases blood flow, which in turn increases kidney function.

When is pre-race/pre-event treatment most beneficial?

Up to four hours prior to a race/event is the optimal time for your horse’s treatment session.

When should my horse not use Thermotex?

Do not use Thermotex if your horse has an infection or is pregnant. After Cortisone injections, wait three days after the last injection before applying Thermotex to the joint. For treating a horse that has been given Lasix, which is a diuretic, treat with the Thermotex afterwards and NOT before. If your horse has a disease, is taking prescription drugs, or has experienced a recent acute injury, please consult with your veterinarian.

How will I know the far infrared heat is working?

You will notice a dramatic improvement in the mood and temperament of your horse as soreness is decreased. Due to increased circulation, injury recovery time will also shorten.

Additional questions?

For information or support with your Thermotex product, please connect. We are available and equipped with friendly advice between 8:30am and 4:00pm MST Monday to Friday. We aim to respond to e-mail inquiries within 24 hours during weekdays.


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