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May 30, 2018 - Thermo Talk

Meet Erica Cook, interiors expert, mother and ray of sunshine who battled everyday pain and you wouldn’t have even known it.

(Photo by Jamie Holt)

Introducing Erica Cook established Interior Designer here in Calgary, Alberta. Erica Cook got her start working with Sarah Richardson Design in her private firm as well as on her HGTV shows, Design Inc and Sarah’s House. She has since been known as a lifestyle and entertaining expert as well as a source for simple and stylish DIY projects. Faced with everyday pain, Erica had up until this point – learned to just grin and bear it. Hear about her newest treatment plan, the meaning of ‘wellness’ and how she stays positive despite the nuisance of pain.

Tell us a bit about your professional and personal past and present? 

I used to work full time as an Interior Designer, which meant lugging a lot of furniture and area rugs around. I’ve now scaled that business back and only help a handful of people. I’ve turned my attention full time to blogging and media work with different brands.

What do you love most about what you do? 

I’d have to say I’ve always loved the creative component of my career. I really enjoy staging shoots and coming up with unique ways to work with brands.

How do you get ready for the day?

An epsom salt bath does wonders. I also like to get in the mood with a play list of my favourite music.

Let’s talk about the inevitable stresses of an intense workload and raising children – how did your pain start?

I’ve never been able to really pinpoint when or how the pain started. It’s not like I sustained a sports injury, it was more like a gradual injury from repeated wear and tear that worsened over time resulting in chronic joint pain in my right wrist. I am right handed so any movement to do the daily things we do, like writing, typing, opening a jar of jam, etc. all resulted in ongoing pain. You learn not to complain but it was a daily nuisance and I’d find myself wondering what it would be like to not have to think about that constant ache.

How about your methodology/ treatment plan for pain?  

My issue wasn’t a candidate for physical therapy leaving surgery as the only option. I didn’t want to take the downtime for surgery and have been struggling on and off for years. I’ve never taken pain meds because I chose not to.

How has Thermotex supported you with your pain? 

I found using my Thermotex literally took away the pain that I was living with. The cyst in my wrist is still likely there but it has diminished in size and isn’t pressing on the surrounding joint as much as it was prior to introduction of my Thermotex. It’s mind boggling to me that within a few days of using the pad I noticed the pain that was chronic between hand movements (even when still) had gone. Now a few months later the pain is gone entirely with movement. The odd thing will exert the joint and I’ll be reminded of the pain I’d lived with when I get a little jolt run up my arm. It’s enough to make me very grateful for this amazing relief.

In your opinion, what are some of the benefits of far infrared when compared to other treatment options? 

I didn’t know anything about far infrared before learning about and discovering Thermotex technology. For me it was an excellent alternative to surgery.

What does ‘wellness’ mean to you? 

Wellness to me means discipline and health minded choices with balance and moderation. I’m vegetarian and juice almost daily but I do enjoy chocolate and the occasional glass of wine.

Any final comments/What’s exciting and on the horizon for you?

I’m looking forward to travelling more and expanding that aspect of my career. Being a mother to my kids and my adorable pup Molly is plenty of excitement for me!

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