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August 1, 2018 - My Thermotex

Misdiagnosis, Lyme, H1N1 and Misunderstood Pain: How Far Infrared Heat Provided Support

Thermotex recently received a thankful call from Susan, and are honoured share her experience. Learn more about how she found a proper diagnosis after suffering with her illness for 15 years, and how far infrared heat has provided support since, including relief from an H1N1 Flu scare and convulsive episodes.

Tell us about your journey with pain?

“After fifteen years of mysterious fatigue, pain, decline and misdiagnosis, I finally came to the conclusion that I had lyme disease after watching the documentary “Under Our Skin” online.  I remembered being bitten, and had the rash, although very few people had heard of lyme at that time. Eventually, I was accurately diagnosed, and it was lyme.

Chills and aches are some of the symptoms I regularly deal with, and I have come to depend on a Thermotex Gold heating pad that I inherited from my Mother to make life more comfortable.”

You mentioned a story you wanted to share about Thermotex and why you believe Far Infrared is so remarkable.

“Several years ago, I contracted H1N1 flu. During this illness, I experienced a convulsive type episode; my spine locked up and became quite rigid and painful, preventing me from moving for a moment or two. Eventually, I recovered, but I later read that several people had died of convulsions from H1N1.  

This last winter, I caught the flu again, and was terribly ill, enough that I was in bed during the day, resting with my Thermotex heating pad on my lower back. As I lay there, a convulsive sensation started at the base of my spine and began traveling upwards, similar to what I had experienced with H1N1!  I tried to brace myself for what I knew was coming, but suddenly, right where the Thermotex rested on my spine, the sensation stopped.

I was astounded. The convulsive episodes continued at least 5 more times, and every time, it stopped short where the Thermotex lay on my spine.  You cannot imagine the relief I felt at not having to go through what I knew was going to be a painful, frightening experience. Amazingly enough, the flu cleared up quickly after that, and I think it had everything to do with the Thermotex stopping the advances up my spine. I don’t know what might have happened otherwise, and I am so glad I had my Thermotex Gold heating pad with me that day. 

I really believe it is possible that the Thermotex Gold saved my life.”