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Bursitis is the inflammation or irritation of the bursa. The bursa is a sac filled with lubricating fluid that is located between tissues such as bone, muscle, tendons, and skin. The bursa decreases rubbing, friction, and irritation. Bursitis is most often caused by repetitive, minor impact on the area, or from a sudden, more serious injury. Age also plays a role, as tendons age they are able to tolerate stress less, are less elastic, and are easier to tear.

Mitigation & Treatment for bursitis

Overuse or injury to the joint at work or play can also increase a person’s risk of bursitis. Examples of high-risk activities include gardening, carpentry, shoveling, painting, tennis, golf, skiing, and throwing. Incorrect posture at work or home and poor stretching or conditioning before exercise can also lead to bursitis.

  • Rest and immobilize the affected area
  • Avoiding activities that aggravate the problem
  • Icing the area the day of the injury
  • Reducing the inflammation by using Thermotex Platinum


The Platinum System
(or other systems depending on the affected area)