Personal Success Stories

I have been using Thermotex products in my practice for over 20 years. Every patient gets a pre-treatment warm up on the Professional pad before their adjustment. By having the pre-treatment warm patients find that they are more relaxed for the adjustment which makes the results last much longer. Many patient request to buy the product for home care after using it in my office.

------- Dr. Jeffrey Schacter, Chiropractor

I have been using the Thermotex heat pad for just over a month and the results have been amazing. I am no longer taking any medication at all. I get through my days "Pain Free". I have to admit, I openly wept the first morning I felt NO pain at all. I had forgotten what that felt like. I have Degenerative Disc Disease. My first surgery was a Micro Discectomy where part of the disc was removed. The following 3 years the disc disappeared completely and I had excruciating lower back and sciatic pain. I've had several cortisone injections but the pain was still always there. The only thing I have done differently is to use the Thermotex. It is nothing short of a miracle. This has allowed me to now do some Pilates "pain-free" so I can go about strengthening my core muscles and protecting my remaining discs. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For introducing this product. For being so kind. And for genuinely caring. I am indescribably grateful. Bless you.

------- Christina de Bruin, Thermotex Customer

I have been thoroughly impressed with the whole Thermotex Equine line but never more than earlier this year when I became personally aware of the relief and healing it provides. I had a colt flip over on me and after spending the evening in the ER and having shots of morphine and Demerol. The pain would not let up and the muscles in my back and in my abdomen where ridged and with muscle spasms. I elected to go home and upon arriving wrapped myself up into the equine blanket and within 15 min my muscles relaxed and the pain started to go away. If this is any indication to what my horses feel after a Thermotex treatment I can assure you it works. I now use the human Platinum pad for any of my aches I might in counter.

------- Kimmi Byler, Thermotex Customer

Warranty Promise

We stand by our exceptional products and offer a one-year warranty on all parts and labour.


We are proud to offer same-day shipment on all orders placed before 1PM MST Monday to Friday, to ensure the quickest delivery possible.


Thermotex is dedicated to maintaining a consistent and conscientious level of quality that differentiates us from our competitors. Producing our products in Canada offers us a control and allows us to provide the exceptional level of craftsmanship and safety that our customers have come to expect.


We want you to find the best solution for your pain. To make sure you are satisfied, we guarantee our product will temporarily relieve your pain within 30 days*, or we'll refund your purchase price.

* As directed by Instructions for Use included with your Thermotex

Client Testimonials

The personal stories of the men and women who use our products are a powerful demonstration of the relief and comfort that Thermotex can provide.


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