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Better Than Your Standard Heat Pad

Better Than Your Standard Heat Pad

THERMOTEX™ Heat Therapy Systems offer advanced technology and benefits including:

  • Patented far infrared heat technology that penetrates 10x deeper than regular heat, and doesn’t burn or dehydrate skin
  • Penetration at 2.36 inches, targeting pain and inflammation where it originates
  • Pain relief for less than 4 cent per month!
  • The most clinically studied & tested far infrared product on the market
  • Medical grade certification
  • FDA and Health Canada registered
  • Products are made in Canada
  • PAIN FREE In 30 days guarantee*
  • 1 Year Warranty*

* For more details please see Warranty Policy

Customer Experiences

In my long professional career I’ve experimented with many types of treatment and I believe that Thermotex is one of the best treatments I have used. I strongly recommend it to anyone with muscle pain.

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Rene Paredes - CFL, Stampeders Placekicker

I feel very fortunate that I have had the opportunity to use Thermotex. It has been a wonderful experience and discovery for my body. I will definitely be recommending the product to fellow dancers.

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Reilley McKinlay - Ballet Dancer, Alberta Ballet

Because of Thermotex, I was able to keep my job outside which I love, and it allows me to have everything that I have today.

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Andrea Collins - Local Clothing Designer & Air Traffic Control

I honestly do not know how my life would look right now, or what my quality of life would. My pain free life is all due to Thermotex and I would never want to live without it!

Read Leola's story

Leola Stewart - Customer, Thermotex

Thermotex gave me my life back.

Read Viv's story

Viv H. Customer, Thermotex

Thermotex is like an old friend that I can always count on.

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Marina F. - Customer, Thermotex

I have been using Thermotex products in my practice for over 20 years. Every patient gets a pre-treatment warm up on the Professional pad before their adjustment. By having the pre-treatment warm patients find that they are more relaxed for the adjustment which makes the results last much longer. Many patient request to buy the product for home care after using it in my office.

Dr. Jeffrey Schacter, Chiropractor

I have been using the Thermotex heat pad for just over a month and the results have been amazing. I am no longer taking any medication at all. I get through my days "Pain Free". I have to admit, I openly wept the first morning I felt NO pain at all. I had forgotten what that felt like. I have Degenerative Disc Disease. My first surgery was a Micro Discectomy where part of the disc was removed. The following 3 years the disc disappeared completely and I had excruciating lower back and sciatic pain. I've had several cortisone injections but the pain was still always there. The only thing I have done differently is to use the Thermotex. It is nothing short of a miracle. This has allowed me to now do some Pilates "pain-free" so I can go about strengthening my core muscles and protecting my remaining discs. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For introducing this product. For being so kind. And for genuinely caring. I am indescribably grateful. Bless you.

Christina de Bruin - Customer, Thermotex

I have been thoroughly impressed with the whole Thermotex Equine line but never more than earlier this year when I became personally aware of the relief and healing it provides. I had a colt flip over on me and after spending the evening in the ER and having shots of morphine and Demerol. The pain would not let up and the muscles in my back and in my abdomen where ridged and with muscle spasms. I elected to go home and upon arriving wrapped myself up into the equine blanket and within 15 min my muscles relaxed and the pain started to go away. If this is any indication to what my horses feel after a Thermotex treatment I can assure you it works. I now use the human Platinum pad for any of my aches I might in counter.

Kimmi Byler - Customer, Thermotex

I have had a lifelong history of back problems mostly from sports activity and a few accidents my entire life.  Over the past 5 years I have had three back surgeries and experience considerable pain.  Pain medications have provided some relief, but The Gold Thermotex IR Therapy System has provided the MOST relief. It is a wonderful product, which I use daily and I would highly recommend it for anyone having serious back pain. It works for me.

Skip Buerger - Customer, Thermotex

I brought my Thermotex horse blanket in for an overhaul and I purchased a Thermotex for my back. Exercising racehorse for over 20 years had taken a toll on my back and within days of use my back improved. It was my constant companion for those early morning coffees before heading off to the barn. I no longer exercise the 'ponies' but use my Thermotex when needed. A back strain 4 days ago had me take the Thermotex out and within 2 applications I could feel the difference. This morning I just about forgot to use it I feel that good. I still have a physical job in the racehorse industry and my Thermotex is my saving grace. I wish I could remember the womans name who showed me the 'people' Thermotex, but a big Thank You just the same. An excellent product for sure and mine has seen alot of use since I purchased it.

Diane - Equine Customer, Thermotex

“The Platinum Thermotex Infrared Therapy System is adaptable for placement at all sites of injury. Its thermogenic effect causes deep vasodilation of tissues to remove lactic acid accumulated in tissue injury.  This will expedite healing and decrease pain.  We prescribe it for home application in the treatment whiplash, sprains, strains, athletic injuries, and arthritis pain at all extremities and for spinal pain. It is safe, effective and does not dehydrate the skin. Our patients’ success with Thermotex has resulted in their recommending it for family and friends.”

Dr. Terry Procyshen - Chiropractor, Strathmore, AB

The purpose of Reflexology is to relax tension, improve blood and nerve supply throughout the body, and to increase the ability of the lymphatic system to eliminate toxicity from the body – thus allowing the body to achieve homeostasis. The Thermotex pad magnifies everything I do, thereby giving each client faster and greater results. Their pain is alleviated in fewer treatments, and their general overall feeling of well being is increased in fewer treatments. My clients love the Thermotex!

N. Larsen, Reflexologist - Mesa, Arizona, US

“As a CPGA Class “A” golf professional with a focus on golf specific conditioning I have found the Thermotex to be an effective tool in the management of recovery and recuperation from golf and training. The Thermotex is portable and effective. It can provide benefit to virtually any golfer, recreational or professional.”

Kendra Yonomoto - CPGA Class "A" Professional, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Working with an NFL team presents numerous types of injuries. The Thermotex infrared pad offers a portable, state of the art modality that provides results fast. From general muscle tension to spasm and edema, speeding recovery from fracture, or aiding in ligamentous repair, Thermotex systems are an invaluable tool utilized on a daily basis to help return players to the field. Thermotex systems also aid in general recovery and prevent injury. In working with Olympic level sprinters, the Thermotex system is utilized both in pre and post workout routines to improve blood flow, aid in metabolic waste product removal from the musculature speeding athlete recovery.

Dr. Ramogida is chiropractor to the Seattle Seahawks and numerous international track and field athletes.

Dr. Gerry Ramogida, B.Sc, Doctor of Chiropractic - Vancouver, BC

“The Thermotex infrared therapy pad is a remarkably effective device. Having suffered with discomfort in both of my feet for years, I was delighted and surprised in the immediate improvement in my pain, after so many other treatments had failed to help me.”

Dr. Balch is the acclaimed author of the best-selling health book “Prescription for Nutritional Healing: A-to-Z Guide to Supplements”

Dr. James Balch MD

“Thermotex supports the clinical need to achieve effectiveness in a short time frame. The infrared pad allows the patient to treat themselves in between clinic treatments, which makes great common sense. If you are in pain and you go to see an acupuncturist, the acupuncture treatment relieves the symptoms for 3-4 days. When the patient uses the Thermotex infrared pad between treatments, the benefit of the acupuncture treatment lasts the whole week and the patient gets much better, much faster, and stays that way. Thermotex is a valuable clinical tool in supporting the goal of achieving effective healing.

Dr. Frank Ervolino, Naturopathic Doctor - Florida, USA

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