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Thriving Through Arthritis: Viv's Story


Q: How long had you been suffering for prior to finding Thermotex?
I have had joint pain since I was 18 years old. From a young age, my pain controlled my life: I couldn’t go to a mall to shop, I couldn’t enjoy a walk in the park… even sleeping was difficult. When I should have been out enjoying life, I was totally limited and utterly frustrated.

Q: What sorts of treatments and supports did you seek out?
For years I tried Doctors, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors, looking for any type of relief. After years of with minimal or no change I went back to my Doctor for one last time. I simply could not stand the constant pain anymore. Unfortunately, my doctor wasn’t actually available; he had a “stand in” working for him. The stand in went through my file, slammed it shut and said, “There is nothing we can do for you; it is just the way you are”.

Q: How has Thermotex supported your well-being?
After my interaction with the doctor, I was devastated. I wondered what on earth I was going to do next. I asked friends and family for their thoughts. Thankfully, a friend of mine told me about Thermotex.

Honestly, Thermotex changed my life!!! I use the Platinum System every single day. The system reduces my inflammation, and has reduced my pain considerably.

Q: How did you find the cause of your pain?
I didn’t give up after my horrible experience with the doctor and I continued to search. I found a caring and compassionate doctor who determined through thorough tests and x-rays that I was riddled with arthritis. The joint most affected was my right hip. I was 42 when I was finally diagnosed and my doctor told me I had the arthritic hip of a 65 year old.

Q: How did you treat your arthritis once you were diagnosed?
The surgeon that my doctor sent me to was reluctant to do a total hip replacement on someone so young, but in order to reduce my pain, we decided to undergo surgery. The hip-replacement surgery went very well and I am thankful to my wonderful doctor, surgeon and to Thermotex, which helped incredibly in managing my pain during the search for proper diagnosis and a solution, and throughout my recovery.

Q: Any final thoughts about Thermotex?
Thermotex gave me my life back.

I would highly recommend Thermotex Therapy Systems to anyone that is dealing with chronic pain. The experience is life changing!

Viv H.

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