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Buy Now, Pay Later with Sezzle - 4 Payments 0% Interest - Learn More

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Better Than Your Standard Heat Pad

Better Than Your Standard Heat Pad

THERMOTEX™ Heat Therapy Systems offer advanced technology and benefits including:

  • Patented far infrared heat technology that penetrates 10x deeper than regular heat, and doesn’t burn or dehydrate skin
  • Penetration at 2.36 inches, targeting pain and inflammation where it originates
  • Pain relief for less than 4 cent per month!
  • The most clinically studied & tested far infrared product on the market
  • Medical grade certification
  • FDA and Health Canada registered
  • Products are made in Canada
  • PAIN FREE In 30 days guarantee*
  • 1 Year Warranty*

* For more details please see Warranty Policy

Indications for Use

The THERMOTEX™Heat Therapy Systems are indicated for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasms, minor strains and sprains and minor muscular back pain, muscular relaxation, and the temporary increase of local circulation where applied.

About Thermotex

Thermotex Therapy Systems Ltd. (Thermotex) has built a reputation on scientific merit and a dedication to temporarily relieving pain safely, effectively and expertly.

Thermotex are leaders in the manufacturing of infrared therapy systems, a technology that the Company believes in whole-heartedly. For 25 years as of 2021, the family-run business has provided temporary pain relief that is backed by rigorous research, due diligence and a commitment to customers. Thermotex understands that building trust is paramount to customers, and has accomplished this by attaining medical device registration with the FDA and Health Canada, while meeting integral manufacturing standards and ISO certifications for all trademarked products.

Clinical trials, both internal and external, have proven the efficacy of infrared technology for various types of pain that is often left unchanged by traditional pain management strategies. Infrared products are unique; their gentle heat doesn’t burn or dehydrate and penetrates 2.36 inches, targeting pain and inflammation where it originates. This offers a therapeutic advantage over and above traditional heat pads that have shallow penetration. The soft heat acts to increase the flexibility of collagen tissue, reduce inflammation, decrease joint stiffness, relieve muscle spasms and reduce pain.

Thermotex understands that pain occurs at multiple stages of life, for multiple reasons. People are unique in their personal experiences with pain, but they are united by their desire to live a rich life with pain that is managed effectively, without harmful side effects. Thermotex is here for them at any stage, from sprains to osteoarthritis, offering proven relief with quality products.

Thermotex doesn’t want customers to take risks with their health; they want to nurture and support individuals through pain management and healing with technology that is backed by science and the trusted testimonials of past customers.

Personal wellbeing is the center of your experience. When you entrust your wellbeing with Thermotex, the Company returns this trust with understanding, transparency and resolute dedication to your care.

About the Docherty Family

Thermotex Therapy Systems Ltd. is a leading provider of far infrared therapeutic products. Based in Calgary Alberta Canada, Thermotex was started in late 80’s by Joseph Bender.

Dr. Bender founded Thermotex on his invention. Initially, Dr. Bender applied Infrared radiant heat therapy in the equine industry for performance racehorses. The resoundingly positive response to Thermotex by equine owners and trainers prompted the research and development of a series of products for human therapy built on the same scientific technology.

In 1996, Francis Docherty purchased Thermotex. He remains president and CEO of Thermotex to this day. Since, Thermotex has registered for and attained approvals, certifications, patents and trademarks. Thermotex products are CSA/UL and ETL approved and marked. Thermotex is an ISO certified manufacturer. Products are FDA and Health Canada registered, and all products meet UL / CSA / ETL manufacturing standards including ISO 60601-1 electrical standard for medical devices.

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