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Restoring Quality of Life After Injury

Mike Bates is an avid researcher with a degree in microbiology and a history of working in the pharmaceutical industry. Mike is also incredibly active, and his quality of life is built around his ability to participate in well-loved sports and outdoor activities like hockey, skiing and hiking.


When a major sport injury threw his life off kilter, Mike explored any option that might allow him to hold on tight to his love for the game. When this injury in particular left his knee void of meniscus tissue, he became unfit for reconstructive surgery. “I shouldn’t have even been able to stand, never mind participate in sports!” Mike was, however, an ideal candidate for a knee replacement a procedure, which would take years to complete. He was prescribed pain medications to cope with the immense pain and inflammation in the interim.

At first, Mike continued to play sports despite the doctor’s orders. “There were times I would have to go to the hospital after a hockey game to have my knee drained from the inflammation.” Because of the pain, Mike’s involvement evidently dwindled and his quality of life declined.


After seeing the benefits of Thermotex with his own furry friend (stay tuned for the story!), Mike learned that Thermotex made therapeutic devices for people, and “…best of all, they were registered medical devices with Health Canada and the FDA. Coming from the medical industry, this was very important to me”.

Mike immediately acquired the Thermotex Knee System, but as a pain-management educator he knew his recovery might take time. “One thing I knew was that for every year someone suffers from chronic pain, it takes approximately one month of therapy to offset symptoms. I had suffered from chronic knee pain for almost six years, which meant I was looking at six months of therapy!”

Mike started using the Knee System as instructed, and, after seeing immediate results, started using it three times a day, for an hour at a time. “Within the first week of use, I could feel my range of motion returning. With every week that passed, my knee continually improved to the point I could participate in sports again, sometimes more than once a week!” Mike was thrilled with the speed of his recovery “In theory, I should have been in therapy for months and here I was, 4 weeks after use, returning to the field once again.”

With the guidance of his physician, Mike was able to titrate his pain medication down to the lowest effective dose. “Needless to say, my physician was just as impressed as I was!”

In just one month, motion fully returned and Mike’s inflammation after physical activity disappeared. To this day, Mike uses the Knee System to prevent the symptoms associated with his disorder. “The most practical aspect for me was that I was pain-free! My quality of life was restored and I was sleeping peacefully again.” Thermotex allowed for the healing Mike believed would take years to achieve.

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