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How George Shed Osteoarthritis


Before Mike used Themotex to recover from his own injuries (See the story here) he was introduced to Thermotex through an unlikely client, George the Cat. As a microbiology grad, Mike got his start in the pharmaceutical arena, as a sale representative in veterinary medicine.

In his line of work there were many heartwarming scenarios and of course, those that truly tugged at his heartstrings. “One particular case I will never forget was George the cat.”


Whether it’s a cat taken from abusive owners, or a stray – just about every animal hospital has a “resident cat” that can’t be shook. “They’re easy to spot; on a stack of paperwork on the front desk or greeting you as you enter the office.”

One cat, in particular, who Mike dubbed “George”, was cherished by the veterinary staff and clientele.

George was 18 years old, and he had developed severe osteoarthritis and could barely walk. In fact, the arthritis was almost end-stage and the staff was considering euthanasia. “Everyone coming into the clinic would often ask ‘where’s George?’ he had endeared himself to everyone who had met him.”


At the time, the company Mike was employed with was offering the Thermotex Pet Bed as a promotional item, which acted as an aid for recovery after surgery. Veterinarians marveled at how Thermotex accelerated recovery time and they loved that pets could use Thermotex for hours, with no fear of burning.

“George loved it too. Whenever the bed was vacant from surgical patients, you would often find him taking ownership of it.”

Due to the safety of radiant heat and the low cost to operate, the staff decided to the Thermotex pet bed on at night, allowing George to sleep comfortably.


When Mike returned three weeks later, George underwent a transformation that no one anticipated “George morphed into a kitten again – playful, engaging and back to his role as official ‘Clinic Greeter!’ Everyone was astonished at his recovery as George hadn’t been like this for over a year due to his pain.

Mike was so fascinated with George’s resiliency he began to spread the word of the bed’s usefulness as an osteoarthritis aid. “The word got out and clinics started lending out their beds to clients with arthritic animals. The feedback was outstanding! Pet owners began contacting Thermotex directly for purchase.”

Mike checked in on George from time to time, always in awe of his recovery and change in demeaner. George went on to have a happy, pain-free life until he eventually succumbed to a natural end at a ripe old age.

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