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CFL All-Star Charleston Hughes Talks of His Love for Sport, Warm up Regime and How He Treats Pain


We had the chance to speak with CFL All-Star and Calgary Stampeders Defensive Lineman, Charleston Hughes for our most recent edition of Thermo Talk.

Charleston grew up playing football in his late teens though he didn’t get serious until high school, spending most of his time in track and basketball throughout his youth. Hughes naturally fell into football and began to play for the Northwood Timberwolves out of Midland, MI where he acted as Captain Starter for 4 years. From Northwood, Hughes went on to spend time in the NFL, Semi Pro Indoor Football and currently resides in the CFL. He is Calgary’s active sack leader with 94 sacks and has placed 13th overall in the CFL all-time. 

T: Hey Charleston! Thanks for spending some time with us. We’re curious, out of all the perks what do you love most about what you do?

CH: I love challenges in life, and football is the ultimate sport of physical and mental challenges. 

T: How do you get ready for the big game?

CH: I tend to read and listen to a lot of Drake, Future and a mix of reggae music in between for pregame. I am reading Dark Tower by Stephen King right now – he is my favourite author. My ritual breakfast for game day consists of enough food for 3 people!!

T: Let’s talk about the inevitable pain that comes when performing at a high level – what is that like?

CH: Well, with the rigorous sport of football no one is ever in 100 percent health. I have some sore days.

T: How about your methodology/ treatment plan for pain?

CH: I like to use a combination of heat and cold treatments. Thermotex helps me on those sore days.

T: How has Thermotex supported you with your pain? 

CH: Thermotex has been good for my lower lumbar and also with my leg soreness throughout the season.

T: In your opinion, what are some of the benefits of far infrared when compared to other treatment options? 

CH: Infrared offers more of a slow, deep penetrating heat that is far more comfortable and soothing. I’ve tried other heat pads and most get too hot and burn the skin. With Thermotex you are able to feel the heat from within the affected area.

T: What are your thoughts on the opioid epidemic?

CH: It’s devastating and very real. I try my hardest to operate without the use of painkillers. But sometimes it’s just unavoidable and it’s a last option for me.

T: What does ‘wellness’ mean to you?

CH: Wellness is everything and the best advice I can give to someone about wellness is eat healthy and do the things that your body responds positively too. No one knows how your body feels, better than you. When your body is lacking or missing something it will tell you; finding the signs is key.

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