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Healing Mercury Poisoning with Far Infrared: A Survivor's Story


Wendy Docherty is in the pursuit of a rich and vibrant life. She lives an active lifestyle while appreciating the simple things. She has worked as the Executive Vice President of Thermotex with her family for the past 19 years and her work has provided a sense of purpose and fulfillment to her life; the personal stories of happy and healed customers always move and bolster her days.

As an active in giving member in her community and her life, Wendy loves to entertain and take in the natural beauty of Canada: hiking and snowshoeing with friends and loved ones. She is conscientious with her health and in her relationships, nurturing the things that are most important to her. When reflecting on her story, Wendy acknowledges the incredible synchronicity of having Thermotex, the product that she and her family manufactured, be so central to the treatment that evidently would save her life.


In 2001 Wendy Docherty was travelling across Canada for work when her life changed dramatically. She awoke in Manitoba knowing something was wrong. “I went into the bathroom and turned on the light to find my body was covered in a red lacy rash from my wrists to my ankles.” Her feet and hands were so swollen that her toes couldn’t touch the floor and she could bend her fingers only enough to hold a large grapefruit.

Panicked, she called her family doctor is Calgary who suggested it may be an allergic reaction and recommended a dose of anti-histamines. After several hours it was clear the symptoms were more than an allergic reaction, she rushed to the hospital only to find more uncertainty. The doctors, thinking it may be lupus, prescribed a heavy dose of prednisone and urged her to return home to Calgary to receive treatment and attain further diagnosis.

Upon arriving home Wendy was diagnosed with and treated for Parvo Virus (Fifths disease), but her symptoms persisted. For months after her acute outbreak Wendy could hardly get out of bed. She hurt all over and had difficulty being mobile, her quality of life declined. When Wendy saw her doctor for these concerns she said that Wendy was at the age where she should expect “aches and pains” and proceeded with a diagnoses of Fibromyalgia.

Intuitively, Wendy knew that neither Fibromyalgia nor Parvo Virus was the root cause of her suffering. She wanted to live a life that was full, rich and active. She resolved to advocate for herself and sought out a second opinion.

She went to see Dr. Masur, who took one look inside her mouth at all the amalgam fillings Wendy had and suggested she be tested immediately for mercury poisoning. Wendy recalled that just a few months prior she had replaced an amalgam filling that had crumbled. Dr. Masur said the filling crumbling likely exposed Wendy’s body to more mercury than it could handle.

The test results were astounding! “A safe level of mercury in the body is 3, my test results came back at 55! Dr. Masur said he had never seen a level so high.” Finding the cause of her symptoms allowed her to take action.

After a life-threatening procedure to remove her 17 amalgam fillings, she began treatment for mercury poisoning. Wendy immediately started to chelate the mercury from her body with an IV drip of DMPS. Unfortunately, on Wendy’s sixth chelation treatment she had an adverse reaction and could no longer tolerate DMPS.

As frightening and frustrating as the failed DMPS was, she refused to give up. She sought out Dr. Janssens who was currently treating a number of individuals who had been exposed to mercury poisoning and practiced a protocol that originated in Germany. She recommended that it be taken in conjunction with infrared sauna therapy to help to detox mercury from the body.

Wendy didn’t have access to an infrared sauna, which are often incredibly costly and require a huge amount of space. What she did have was access to the infrared products that Thermotex manufactured.


“Thermotex designed full-length body pads for me to sandwich myself between to have the same effects as an infrared sauna.” These pads are the most similar to the Thermotex Professional Pads, which Wendy laid between 5 times a week for approximately 1.5 hours at a time. In addition to symptoms of confusion, brain fog and lapses “the nasty chemicals that seeped out of my skin were astounding. If I didn’t immediately get into the shower after the treatment, my skin would become rough and scaly.” Wendy was steadfast in her desire to be well and continued with the protocol from Germany and infrared treatments for over a year.

The chelating tincture and infrared treatments began to work their magic. In the spring of 2003 Wendy had another mercury challenge test. “My mercury level was down to 3.5! We were thrilled! I was starting to feel like a whole person again.”

Wendy’s doctors were extremely pleased with the speed of her recovery. “I was told other people getting treatment were having success, but not as quickly as I was. The difference, it was concluded, was due to my commitment to the infrared treatments.”

When reflecting on the experience she is adamant that the powerful combination of infrared treatments and professional care and management saved her life.

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