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Recovering from Pain-Filled Sleepless Nights with Thermotex: Marina's Story


Tell me about yourself, and about your journey with pain?

I have rheumatoid arthritis in every joint except my hip and back – I even have it in my jaw and eyes. As the disease progressed, I was taking in excess of ten Extra Strength Advil every day, which barely helped to address my pain and still left me unable to sleep at night. The doctor that I had at the time told me there was nothing to be done and I would just have to learn to live with the pain.

Did you try any other pain management/treatment before Thermotex?

Because my doctor had told me there was nothing I could do, I tried everything that had been suggested to me over the years, including cutting out gluten, attending a juicing retreat and changing my diet to mainly juice, using an amethyst body heating pad, taking a daily cocktail of vitamin injections, copper jewelry, meditation and even a hand-held infrared therapy device, none of which worked. Even the hand-held infrared device, which was held over the specific joint, simply didn’t treat enough of my body at a time to provide relief.

How did you hear about Thermotex?

I know Wendy, the Vice President of Thermotex. At the time, the product was newly developed and I was going through my worst time. She suggested I give it a try, not only because I was not getting any sleep from the pain, but I was also keeping my husband up all night because I would whimper when I would try to move.

What Thermotex system are you using to manage your pain/ symptoms?

I started out with the Platinum, and while it offered relief that none of the other pain management strategies had afforded, it wasn’t able to target enough of my body because I have so many joints effected by arthritis that I would have to move it throughout the night to reach all the affected joints.

When did you start to notice changes?

I noticed relief immediately with my Platinum unit because of the infrared heat, which penetrates deep into the joint where my pain is at its worst. Other heating pads just couldn’t reach into the joints.

Before using the Thermotex platinum, I would consider myself very blessed and lucky if I was able to get 15 minutes of sleep at one time. After purchasing this product, I was able to sleep for at least one to two hours at a time before having to move the heating pad.

How did you incorporate pain management into your life?

Because of the amount of joints that are affected by arthritis, I decided to purchase the Professional System, which allowed me to treat one whole side of my body as I slept and simply turn over as needed to relieve my joints from pain. This meant I was actually able to sleep for hours at a time, which is so important for pain management and emotional wellbeing.

What were the most significant changes in your life as a result of Thermotex? 

Being able to sleep is by far the most significant change I experienced. I feel that this product gave me my life back. Yes, I was still in pain, but at least I was sleeping again and my body could regenerate itself to some degree at night.

Without Thermotex, I honestly do not know how I would have coped. Now, it’s hard for me to even imagine being in that kind of pain and sleep deprived at the same time.

Where are you now in your treatment journey?

I have gotten into a rheumatologist and I am on a biologic, (which is a medication created specifically for my disease) because of the medication, I experience some stiffness and mobility issues, but nowhere near to the level of pain I had previously. Now, I only need use my Thermotex when I have over exerted myself, which is a great feeling. Thermotex is like an old friend that I can always count on.


I also have a cat that recently had to have surgery and he also used the Thermotex Professional in his healing journey!


To soothe sleepless nights with full body relief, Marina used the Thermotex Professional. To experience the relief you need to rest easy and reduce joint pain associated with arthritis find your own here

For those who suffer from more targeted pain in large muscle groups, we recommend the Thermotex Platinum

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