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Helping People and Animals Live Pain Free


In celebration of its 25th Anniversary as a family owned and operated company, Thermotex recently sat down with Business In Calgary to reflect on the journey:


Pain happens for many reasons, but the team at Thermotex Therapy Systems knows that pain doesn’t need to sideline sufferers. What began as a therapeutic product for horses has changed the lives of people with pain from ailments ranging from arthritis, sprains and tendonitis to menstrual cramps, fibromyalgia and sports injuries.

Thermotex was started in the 1980s as an infrared treatment to improve racehorses’ performance, and the incredible success founder Dr. Joseph Bender had with the animals spurred him to research applying the same technique to people. In 1996, Francis Docherty purchased the company and the Docherty family has been expanding on Dr. Bender’s offerings ever since.

‘It’s pretty exciting and really rewarding to do what we do for 25 years. We get phone calls, letters and emails saying we’ve changed clients’ lives now that their pain is under control or gone,’ says Wendy Docherty, executive vice president of Thermotex and Francis’ daughter.

The small family business has grown significantly over the past several years after Docherty started marketing the products more aggressively and expanding their network to include large distributors and resellers. Thermotex brought on 10 of its total 18 staff members over the past nine months to accommodate this considerable growth. As the company continues to grow, Docherty hopes more people will discover Thermotex’s line of therapeutic infrared pads and feel the pain relief for themselves.”

Thank you, Business in Calgary! Read the full feature here.

Pictured: Wendy Docherty, Executive Vice President; Francis Docherty, President; Dolores Docherty, Administrative Assistant; Chelsy Blackmore, Customer Service; Laurie LePan, Manager of Business Development and Sales and Anton Steyn, General Manager. Photos by Riverwood Photography.



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