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Introducing Jenkins (AKA Jackie Chan), A Rescue Kitty with a New Lease on Life


Jenkins was in a tough situation earlier this year. Luckily, he found his way to the incredible care of BC SPCA North Peace Branch. Around the time of his arrival, we were able to donate a far infrared heated pet bed to BC SPCA North Peace Branch through our Paw-it-Forward partnership with Roxy, a Bengal adventure cat. As luck would have it, Jenkins recovered in the bed and continues to enjoy it with his forever family. We are thrilled to share this sweet kitty’s story – just in time for a little extra holiday cheer!

September 2020: Jenkins begins his road to recovery at BC SPCA North Peace Branch

“Jenkins came in with no obvious injuries but slept excessively and disliked being touched. He walked normally and showed no sign of injury whatsoever. Despite this, we requested x-rays and were SHOCKED to see the horrid condition he suffered. 

Jenkins had suffered an impact or blunt trauma to his femur and hip – weeks, possibly even a month earlier!  This poor boy had been roaming the streets and fending for himself, and he avoided showing pain in order to not attract predators. His injury had become so worn that his entire hip socket had crumbled away inside him.

He underwent surgery to remove the bone splinters and remove the shattered femoral head. He was afraid of the Thermotex bed at first and avoided it for the first few hours.  I took him and placed him inside, petting him to keep him stationary. Once he felt the warmth, he barely left the bed!

It has become his most favorite item in his foster home and they say he is most often found there, even when there is a sun beam to lay in. He specifically lays with the injured side to the heat too. He is very thankful for the comfort and we can’t wait to share an adoption update with you! He is a sweetheart and has become staff favorite, so I’m sure it won’t take long to find this handsome fellow a home.”


Fast forward to…

December 2020: Jenkins (aka Jackie Chan) finds his loving forever home

“Jenkins has been adopted! His new name is Jackie Chan – his family say it is fitting as he tends to stretch and squeeze his way into various positions for fun! They report that he is gaining more energy and flexibility each week. He still adores his Thermotex bed, and when he’s not stuffed himself in a sofa somewhere, he is always on it (particularly now that it is colder).  They say he has a multitude of silly antics and has brought a ton of entertainment to their lives.

I feel his Thermotex bed was a definite benefit to the extent of his recovery to this point. His family say he barely limps and when he does, he just goes for a nap on his bed and is ready for a good play session when he awakes.”


Thank you Candace (BC SPCA North Peace Branch Manager) for sharing Jackie Chan’s story!

To learn more about how you can help BC SPCA North Peace Branch support sick, neglected, abused and homeless animals, click here.

Want to gift your fur baby the same soothing far infrared heat Jackie Chan enjoys? Use code ROXY to receive 10% off a Thermotex far infrared heated pet bed. Most importantly, 20% of proceeds will help fund our next Thermotex pet bed donation to Roxy’s choice of animal rescue organization. Shop here!

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