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Introducing Roxy, A Bengal Adventure Cat Whose Parents Are Spreading the Comfort of Infrared Heat to Cats In Need

Meet Pam and Kory, cat parents to Roxy – a two-year-old Bengal adventure cat! Since welcoming Roxy into their lives, the pair has connected with other cat parents who generously share their experiences and tips on all things feline – including Thermotex’s Far Infrared Heating Pet Beds.

Hear about Roxy’s serious love for her Thermotex bed, and an exciting charitable initiative the family is launching in partnership with Thermotex to support cats in need.

Tell us a bit about Roxy’s pet celebrity past and present? 

We started Roxy’s Instagram page just for fun, as friends were always asking for pictures of her adventures. When we started, we knew little about how to leash and harness train Roxy, the best equipment to get, etc. Through researching, trial-and-error, and connecting with other cat owners, we have learned what works for Roxy. Now, we share our experiences on Instagram to encourage others to make sure their cat is engaged with the world – whether they are indoor cats or outdoor adventure cats.

As cat parents, what do you love most about what you do? 

We love interacting with Roxy and seeing her happy. She’s a lovely cat, but when she’s bored or not getting enough activity, she turns into crazy kitty! She challenges us to keep changing things up as she’s very smart and quickly figures new things out.

How do you keep Roxy happy and healthy?

We keep Roxy happy and healthy with a lot of exercise and playtime, whether that’s going for hikes or running on her cat wheel. We have found that she is a heat-loving kitty, and Calgary’s winters are long and cold for her. Our first winter, I found her laying over the hot air vent during the day and burrowing under our bed covers at night, which didn’t make for restful sleeping for us. Our good friends told us about Thermotex’s far infrared pet beds, and we gave one a try. Roxy loved it so much that we eventually got a second one for our main living area.

How else has Thermotex supported you with keeping Roxy happy and healthy?

Thermotex’s far infrared pet beds have been a game changer for us. We have even taken her bed when we travel with Roxy – it helps her settle into new surroundings much more quickly.

Here’s Roxy in her Thermotex bed on vacation at Emerald Lake Lodge.

In your opinion, what are some of the benefits of far infrared when compared to other pet beds? 

Roxy stays warmer and more comfortable in her Thermotex bed, and after a long hike (especially when it’s chilly outside), she immediately heads for her bed. Roxy is only two years old, but we believe that the far infrared heat helps to maintain blood supply to her muscles and joints after heavy exercise. We think it will also be a huge help when she reaches her senior years and mobility or joint pain becomes more of a concern.

What does ‘wellness’ mean to you? 

Wellness means we’re taking preventive action to ensure Roxy is happy and healthy today and for years to come.

Tell us about your fabulous charitable initiative together with Thermotex?

We’re very excited to partner with Thermotex to spread the word about the benefits of far infrared heating for cats!We feel so fortunate to have Roxy in our lives, and we’d like to help other kitties who are not so fortunate and still looking for their forever home. 

The volunteers and support staff at shelters and rescue organizations do so much to provide for rescue cats, working hard to get them healthy and adopted into good homes – we’d like to thank them and support them, too.

Whether it’s young cats who are more susceptible to the cold, senior cats, or special needs cats, we feel that so many cats at these organizations can benefit from the comfort and increased blood circulation these beds provide.

How can readers get involved with this initiative?

We are offering our friends 10% off Thermotex’s small and large pet beds using code: ROXY. On top of that, Roxy and Thermotex are putting 20% from every Roxy-inspired sale towards providing far infrared pet beds to the charity of Roxy’s choice. To kick this initiative off, we’re proud to be donating beds to the rescue kitties at MEOW Foundation.

To follow along with Roxy’s latest adventures, find her on Instagram.

P.S. Have an outdoor adventure cat of your own? Pam and Kory recommend checking out Catexplorer for helpful connections, discussions and information!

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