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Lou's Journey Back to Health: How Infrared Heat Supports her Fibromyalgia Pain Management


Thermotex recently had the pleasure of connecting with Lou (pictured far right with her friend Nancy and husband Dave), and we’re honoured to share her thankful message. Lou is a 73-year-old mother of three great kids and a grannie to nine. Learn more about Lou’s story:

“The last hike I did was when I was 48 to The Lions overlooking Vancouver. A few months later, my health started to seriously deteriorate. After months of going from doctor to doctor looking for help, I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia…with a question mark. This started my journey back to finding health and healing.

I started to meditate, tried different diets and different herbs, and said ‘no thank you’ to the pain meds and anti-anxiety drugs. To say I have tried everything that’s been recommended to me—and then some—is probably an understatement (well, everything but the drugs). Serrapeptase reduced my pain by about 50%, and Class 4 laser treatments helped the horrible pain from strained tendons and frozen shoulders.

I still have ups and downs, and so it was that during an evening of dining out, my back started seizing. The owners are friends of ours, and when I excused myself and explained that I just had to go home, Linda shared her Thermotex story with me. She told me how it helped her after a long day of being on her feet waiting on customers, how friends of hers’ had tried it, and how she had researched far infrared heat. Since I do try all recommendations, I ordered one, and then I ordered a second one for our townhouse on the mainland, and then I ordered one for friends of ours in Montreal…well, you can see where I’m going with this.  

Thermotex is quite simply the best. It is a fixture in our home now and quickly relieves any issues before they get a foothold. It’s relaxing, healing and comforting – and yes, I’ve purchased a couple for friends and family in the Maritimes as Christmas gifts this year.

Thank you, Thermotex! Merry Christmas!”

– Lou 

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