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Naturopath, Dr. Frank Ervolino Swears by Low Cost, Practioner Independent Pain Management Therapies


T: Tell us a bit about your professional past and present?
FE: I have worked in private practice, and in hospital settings treating severe chronic medical conditions before moving into a consulting career.
During this latest move I opened a low cost community acupuncture clinic, which treats people at prices they can afford. As the community became aware of my clinic, the numbers of patients we were treating rose exponentially, this brought me in contact with large numbers of people in pain.

T: How about your methodology for pain management?
FE: I try to stay away from invasive procedures or pharmaceuticals. In my opinion, the risk is rarely worth the reward. I usually start out with acupuncture to relieve pain, then I recommend neuromuscular massage which works better than Swedish massage for specific body pain.

I like to see my pain patients empowered in their care and encourage them to treat themselves at home every day. To reduce inflammation and facilitate healing, I recommend that they use infrared therapy, specifically the Thermotex platinum pad.

In conjunction with Thermotex, we teach our pain patients about Egoscue Therapy, which is based on redesigning muscle memory to hold the skeleton the way the body was designed. Using this program, our clinic has had far more success at treating pain than we ever imagined.

T: How has Thermotex supported this methodology?
FE: Thermotex has taken infrared therapy to a higher level than other infrared companies products. They advanced laws of thermodynamics to produce a product which can deliver true infrared energy where it is needed the most, 3-4 inches into the tissue of the body to increase local blood supply and not only relieve pain, but also encourage the healing process.

Because finances are important for our clients, we appreciate that treatments can be done 2-3 times a day at the client’s home, at a very economical cost of pennies per day.

T: What are some of the benefits of far infrared when compared to other treatment options?
FE: Other infrared devices provide heat, which is comforting, but can actually hinder the penetration of the infrared wave. Still other infrared devices use small laser diodes that give off pretty red light but are of insufficient strength to provide a clinically effective treatment.

Manipulation can provide some relief, but it is better suited for acute pain rather than long term chronic pain. Acupuncture can relieve pain but, like manipulation, it is practitioner dependent. The Thermotex pad can be used at any time of the day or night, does not need a practitioner present and can travel with the patient.

T: What are your thoughts on the opioid epidemic?
FE: The opioid crisis in North America is a shame. I do not know what the underlying cause in our society is, but I do know it would help if the medical community would allow alternative therapies that are not taught in medical school to enter the conventional world of pain treatment. The public is pursuing these therapies on their own, but in the learning process of how best to treat their pain there are too many casualties of addiction.

T: What does ‘wellness’ mean to you?
Wellness is the ability of people to adapt quickly to changes in their physical health, environment, or amount of mental stress. It is often the result of acquired knowledge and an interest in one’s own health. Sometimes this knowledge and interest transforms a health challenge into a chance to optimize health.

T: Any parting words?
FE: All my life I have been pursuing the natural high that comes from being out there, on the edge of the awesome power of nature whether it’s climbing, running outdoors, sailing in the ocean, skiing, sea kayaking or diving into the Atlantic.

The worst thing that can happen to a person like me is to be told that they can no longer go out there and experience that natural high.

It hurts me to see incredible athletes make decisions in the interest of their health where the risk is far greater than the reward.

I have dedicated my professional life as a physician to helping people get the right knowledge so they can be in control of their own wellness and stay active and stay ‘out there’.

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