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Pet-Centered Animal Care with Dr. Dekens of Montgomery Village Veterinary Clinic & Dekens Housecall Services

We were lucky enough to talk to veterinarian Dr. Dekens of Montgomery Village Veterinary Clinic & Dekens Housecall Services about pet-centered animal care. They answer some of our questions about alternative therapies for pets, multi-modal methodologies to healing and what to look for in a veterinarian. Their approach is truly unique, and deeply centered on relationships and pet centered care.

Hey there Dr. Dekens, thanks for chatting with us! Can you tell us a bit about your services and philosophy at Montgomery Village Veterinary Clinic & Dekens Housecall Services?
Montgomery Village Veterinary Clinic & Dekens Housecall Services believes in pet-centered alternative and traditional animal care, providing nurturing, approachable visits for pets and their owners; either in-home or in clinic. Our team meets pets and their owners wherever they are with an open mind and holistic approach to pet health. By combining alternative and traditional care, we ensure a path for your pet’s health that considers a wide range of options and solutions.

What is the ‘Dekens Advantage?’
We provide the widest range of options of any veterinary service provider – in-home, in clinic, traditional to alternative veterinary care with complimentary therapies such as chiropractic, acupuncture, pain management and rehabilitation, palliative care and canine massage to ensure companion animals get the best treatment possible.

What do pet owners need to know about veterinary services and preventative care that they may not already know?
There are many options we can offer to clients from supplements, to physical therapies to improve or restore daily functioning and quality of life.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?
It is really about the relationships we build with clients and their animals. In some cases I have worked with three generations of family. What is also rewarding is to see how we can make a difference to strengthen the relationship people have with their pets.

How about your approach to pain management in animals?
It is a multi-modal approach to use the best of both Eastern and Western medicine to help alleviate pain and discomfort in our patients. We see the Thermotex beds as alleviating discomfort in a non-invasive way and a wonderful compliment to care.

How has Thermotex supported this methodology? 
With so many senior animals that we see needing our care, the Thermotex beds and pads aid in their quality of life and mobility and daily functioning. We use Thermotex beds and pads for post-surgery recovery and during alternative and rehabilitative treatment.

Any Thermotex success stories that come to mind?
We have a senior cat who received a bed from her owner who does not like to get out of the bed and when the owner turns if off the cat meows at the owner in no uncertain terms that it must be turned back on!

In another situation, a very rambunctious Yorkie named Slayer injured its knee, and required surgery. The owners used the Thermotex bed both before and after surgery to provide comfort and ease muscle stiffness during his recovery and rehabilitation.

Are there any changes you would like to see in the field of Veterinary sciences in general?
I would like to see greater acceptance and acknowledgement of the benefits of alternative therapies and approaches to veterinary medicine.

How does someone know who the right vet is for their animal?
First of all, you need a veterinarian who will really listen, with an open mind and include the owner in the treatment process. A veterinarian who will be non-judging and attempt to offer the least invasive methods to improve the quality of life of the animal, partnering with the owner to include them as part of the treatment team.

Any parting words? 
We believe in providing a continuum of care to meet all needs of the life stages of companion animals and bring the least invasive and highest possible level of service in a stress reducing way. While not providing mobile services, our veterinary clinic aims to create a home-like atmosphere as an alternative that is pet-centered and brings the best possible services together under one roof.

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